What is Mental Health?

Part One: Emotions and the Body

1. Emotions Are Automatic Signals

2. Signals Push Us to Act By Making Us Uncomfortable

3. The Uncomfortable Sensations Change How We Think

4. We Have Choices Over How We Respond to Signals But It Takes Effort

5. Our Environment Also Affects Our Responses to Signals

End of Part 1

  1. Negative emotions are signals — just like hunger or feeling tired — sent automatically by our body to push us to act by being…
  2. uncomfortable sensations and…
  3. changing how we think.
  4. Even though we do not have any choice in whether we receive these signals, we can choose how to respond to them, but resisting their push takes effort.
  5. Finally, the environment around us affects how much energy we have to put in the effort to manage our emotions.



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